Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I’m five. I like to say I”m 5 ½ (because my brother is always saying he’s 6 3/4). Mom says that’s not really true, me being 5 ½, as I just turned 5 in January. But, I still say it anyway. I say it and lots of things these days. I’m not trying to impress you with my word skills, I’ve been talking for a long LONG time now. No, what I’m trying to impress upon you is that I talk, and talk, and talk a lot. I love to talk. I love to explain things and tell stories. I really like to sing. Mommy says some days with me are like living in the middle of an opera. I’ll sit in the reading corner and sing about my day. Sometimes I’ll cook in my little kitchen and sing about the eggs I’m making or the chicken soup. If you’re really lucky I might put on one of my ‘fancy’ dresses and invite you to a tea party. While I’m serving you lemon meringue tea with milk and sugar, I might just sing you a song about string, but probably it will be about kitties. I like to sing.

I read now. I don’t think I’m ready for chapter books yet, too many words! Mommy says I can read chapter books if I want to, but I don’t. So, I read other books. Sometimes, when N puts his Star Wars books down (which is not often) I will pick them up and read them. They’re like chapter books only with comics. N told me what that kind of book is called, but I forget. I really like to read books over and over again. In the evenings I like to read books out loud to Mommy before bed. Sometimes we read together. Then I get to pick which character I am. I like to be Fancy Nancy and Sister bear a lot. Sometimes I like to read all the girl parts. Mommy says she doesn’t mind being the boy. She does funny voices sometimes. Sometimes that’s okay, but sometimes it just hurts my ears and I ask her to stop.

I am no longer afraid of the hair dryer or the shower. I still don’t like lawn mowers, the vacuum or loud movies. But my “Neema” gave me a great pair of earmuffs last year on the 4th of July. Now whenever things are too loud I can put my earmuffs on and it’s not so bad. I still prefer it if Daddy takes me for a walk when Mommy vacuums, but that’s not always possible.

N and I are getting along pretty well these days. We play lots of make believe games. Sometimes we get into arguments over which game to play or how to play. Our imaginations are pretty big and sometimes we each think our way is the best. Mommy and Daddy usually tell us to “work it out” but sometimes they have to help, especially when I cry.

I like wearing my hair in pigtails now and think that roller skating is lots of fun. I am super excited about started kindergarten in the fall. N and I wish we were twins so that I could already be in school with him. But, N says he’ll show me around the school and might even talk to me at recess. I can’t wait.

I love to do housework and wish Mommy would let me wash the dishes every day. She’s afraid I’ll cut myself or maybe let the water dump out all over the floor. I promise to be careful, but usually she just distracts me by asking me to dust instead. She does let me clean the bathroom mirror and sort the laundry. I don’t know why N doesn’t like to do these things, he doesn’t know what he missing!

I’m five and that’s pretty great.

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Holly said...

The chores scene is important all around, for sure. Ours started at about 3, and we do family cleanup a couple times a week. Plus a really good round of folding clothes and picking up dishes daily.

Good on you, CA. When will they learn it, if not when young, I wonder?